As a part of projects for Quality Education at our Shanto-Mariam university of Creative Technology, Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) arranged the Inception workshop at the Creative Hub on Tuesday, 19th July, 2016. The Workshop was divided into two parts- Inaugural Session and Technical Session.
The inaugural session started at 9:30 am. with the Welcome Address by Prof. Dr. Yasmin Ahmed, Director, IQAC, wherein she sought the all-out cooperation of all the stakeholders of the university for the enhancement of quality education.
Special guests from UGC, Prof. Dr. Mesbahuddin Ahmed, Head QAU, HEQEP, UGC, Prof. Dr. Abul Kashem, QA Specialist, QAU, HEQEP, UGC and Prof. Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Adhikary, Q.A Specialist, QAU, HEQEP, UGC were present and spoke on the occasion.
Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Quazi Md. Mafizur Rahman was present as the chief guest. He gave inaugural speech and declared formally the opening of the workshop.
Honourable Vice Chairman Dr. Ahsanul Kabir spoke on the mission and vision of the founder of the university. Mr. Md. Imamul Kabir Shanto, who wants to see it as a quality university. He narrated the activities of the university, and thanked specially the guests form the UGC.
The first session ended at 11:30 am. Vote of thanks was given by Mr. Md. Anwarul Hoque, Additional Director, IQAC. He thanked all, especially Hon’ble Vice Chairman, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and the special guests from the UGC. He said that their presence and valuable speeches have enriched the participants.
The Technical Session started at 11:30 am. Prof. Mesbahuddin Ahmed gave a presentation on ‘Establishing Quality Culture in Higher Education Institutions’ and ‘Quality Assurance System in Higher Education Institutions’. He laid emphasis on developing quality culture at the universities.
Prof. M. Abul Kashem gave a presentation on ‘Establishing Quality Culture in Higher Education Institutions: Role of Institutional Quality Assurance Cell’. He discussed elaborately how to introduce and practice quality culture.
Prof. Sanjoy Kumar Adhikary, in his presentation, on ‘Guidelines for Self-assessment at Program Level’, gave a detailed guideline and suggestion on Self-assessment at Programme Level.

Presentations were followed by open discussions in the form of question-answer.
Vote of thanks was given by Prof. Dr. Abdul Halim Shaikh, Dean, Faculty of Design & Technology. He thanked the guests from the UGC and IQAC for arranging a well-organized workshop. He thanked also the participant, and the journalists.
Members of the Board of Trustees, Deans, Heads and members of Self Assessment Committee (SAC) and high officials were present at the workshop. The workshop concluded at 2.30 pm.

(Prof. Dr. Yasmin Ahmed)
Director, IQAC