Professional Development Program on Quality Assurance in Higher Education at Edu Leads Consulting, Malaysia.
University Grants Commission of Bangladesh arranged a training program at ELC, Kualalampur for us the Directors and Additional Directors of 15 different Public and Private Universities.
We started for Malaysia on the 27th March, 2016 by Bangladesh Biman. At the Qualalampur Airport, we were received by the representatives of Edu Leads and were taken to the Hotel Hilton.
The program was held at the conference rooms of the Edu Leads, Hotel Hilton from 28th March to 9th April, 2016. We lived also there Arrangements were good.
Training program started in the morning of 28th March, 2016 with the inaugural speech of Dr. Jasbir Kaur, Director, Edu Leads Consulting. Date-wise the teaching learning activities were as follows:
28th March, 2016
a. Registration, b. Opening Ceremony, c. Program Orientation and Working Procedure,
d. Introduction to Quality Assurance.
29th March, 2016
Outcome based education by director, Academy Development Center of Malaya.
30th March, 2016 (First part)
a. Curriculum Framework, Curriculum Development and Administration in Malaysia.
b. Indicators of Quality Assurance of Curriculum in Malaysia.
c. Student achievement.

30th March, 2016 (Second part)
a) Curriculum Evaluation and review.
b) Pedagogiel

31st March, 2016 (First part)
a) Research and publication in Higher Education and Post Graduate Programs.
31st March, 2016 (Second part)
a) Critique and audit
b) Report writing

1st April, 2016 (Morning Session)
We were taken for an exposure visit to Faculty of University of Malaya’s Quality Management and Enhancement Center. It is a public university. We had a discussion session with the Deans and Professors on:
a. Q.A Implementation in the Department and program level.
b. Experience sharing on QS stars Audit process: Case study of Malaysia.

1st April, 2016 (Afternoon Session)
Visit at the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.
2nd April, 2016
a. Free time

3rd April, 2016
a. Free time

4th April, 2016
a. Governance and challenges conducted by Prof. Christine Ennew, Provost and CEO, University of Nottingham, Malaysia.

5th April, 2016
Other Significant QA Areas
a) Preparation of Projects. Conducted by Prof. Andy Seddown, Director (Quality Assurance and Partnerships), Asia Pacific University.
6th April, 2016
a. Writing audit report. Conducted by Associate Prof. Dr. Rozilini Chung, Vice President (Quality Assurance), HELP University.