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Structure of IQAC

The Head of the IQAC is the honourable Vice Chancellor. The other members are Director, Additional Director, Office Manager and Accounts Officer. Supporting Staffs are : Computer Operator and MLSS. IQAC consists of the following members: Sl. Name Designation Email Image 1 Prof. Dr. Yasmin Ahmed Director Email :Yasminahmed.smuct@gmail.com 2 Mr. Md. Anwarul Hoque Additional…

Structure of QAC

Structure of QAC : IQAC has an Advisory Board which is called Quality assurance Committee. It consists of Honourable Vice Chancellor, who will act as the Head, and one member nominated by the Board of Trustees, all Deans, Registrar, Director and Additional Director of IQAC and 2 members nominated by the Syndicate and Member Secretary….

Structure of SAC

Among our 19 departments, QAU of HEQEP accepted 12 departments for this program. Under the instructions and guidelines of IQAC, 12 entities, which are called Self-Assessment Committee (SAC), will run their quality-related activities. The entities are as follows : 1. Fashion Design & Technology 2. Business Administration 3. AMMT 4. English 5. GDM 6. Architecture…